44 Positive Affirmations For Toddlers!

Positive affirmations for toddlers

As an adult, you understand the importance of positive thinking. It helps you weather life’s storms and still feel good about what you have. You are less likely to feel down or get stressed because you’ve trained your brain to ‘look for the good.’ This is why positive affirmations for toddlers are just as important as they are for adults.

You might not realize it, but our brains often get confused. If you think about something hard enough, your brain often thinks it’s reality. But, why not use that to your advantage?

Whether you’re trying to tackle something impossible or you just need some motivation in your everyday life, positive affirmations can trick your brain into thinking you’ve already done it.

Then guess what? You’re halfway there.

Now, this trick doesn’t just work on adults. In fact, it’s best to start positive affirmations for toddlers early. The more they are exposed to positive affirmations, the more likely it is they’ll grow up ready to take on the world as a result of a positive outlook and incredible confidence.

Why are affirmations for toddlers even important?

When toddlers learn the importance of self-care and talking nicely to themselves, they’ll grow into their middle school and high school years with much more ease.

It’s common to see middle schoolers talking down to themselves and even talking themselves out of doing the things they love because they feel defeated.

Teaching affirmations for toddlers makes positive thinking almost natural for them over time. They’ll grow up grounded and believing in themselves, making the transition to the tougher teen years much easier.

When should affirmations be practiced with toddlers?

It’s best to work on affirmations for toddlers when your toddler isn’t worked up. Choose a time when they are happily playing or calm. Make it seem fun and exciting, not like a chore. It could backfire on you if you try to teach your toddler positive affirmations when they are worked up.

Toddlers can’t think about anything when they’re in a heated moment except what is bothering them at that moment. Rather than using it as a teaching moment, give your child what they need during the tantrum. You can provide comfort if it’s due to hunger, feeling hot/cold, or any other basic need.

When you teach positive affirmations during times your child is calm, they will naturally learn how to implement as they age and their feelings get bigger and harder to manage.

When the time is right, here are some great affirmations to introduce.

44 Positive affirmations for toddlers!

Here is a list of positive affirmations that toddlers can practice during a variety of life situations.

For toddlers starting daycare

Toddlers entering daycare can have all sorts of negative feelings. For example, they may have separation anxiety from being away from you, fear of meeting new people, or fear that they can’t do what the teacher asks.

Luckily, these affirmations for toddlers will help your child through those tough times.

1. I’m going to have a good day. If your toddler tells themselves it will be a good day, it tricks their mind into thinking that it already happened, and then it likely will.

2. I will make friends. This affirmation will help your toddler step out of their comfort zone and find someone they can play with.

3. I will have fun. This positive affirmation helps toddlers forget that they miss you and, as a result, they can have fun, knowing you will return.

4. I will learn new things. This is a great affirmation to start with because it teaches toddlers they can and will learn new things. This will help your child as they get older.

5. I can help others. It’s never too early to teach empathy. Having your child say ‘I can help others' makes it more natural for them to reach out when friends are in need.

6. I can do new things. It can be scary trying new things, especially when mom or dad isn’t there. When your child tells themself new things are possible, it’s more likely to get done.

7. I am kind. Sometimes children can be unthoughtful, but if your toddler grows up telling themself that he/she is kind, it is much easier to believe it.

8. I have great ideas. Even toddlers avoid sharing their ideas because they’re afraid everyone will think they are silly. Teaching your toddler early on that their ideas are amazing is important.

For toddlers to focus

Focusing can be hard for adults, not to mention toddlers. Helping your toddler learn the importance of focusing at an early age will help them immensely in the middle and high school years.

9. I can concentrate easily. It’s easy to get distracted as a toddler, especially in preschool or daycare. Teaching your toddler to trick their brain into thinking concentration is easy is a great way to get going in life.

10. I can finish tasks. Toddlers easily go from one task to another, leaving most things unfinished. Helping your toddler realize they can finish a task before moving on to another can be invaluable throughout their life.

11. I will be productive. Sometimes toddlers can just wander and not really focus on anything. Teaching your toddler about productivity and helping them say it will be something they will use even in later years.

12. I have good willpower. Willpower is something we all need as we age. Therefore, starting your toddler at a young age learning about willpower will only help them grow stronger in the ability to stick to what they started.

13. I act quickly. What wouldn’t we give for our kids to act quickly, right? Teaching them young that they can act quickly is a great way to help them feel successful throughout life.

Affirmations for toddlers at bedtime

Bedtime struggles can be tricky. Toddlers worry that their parents may not come back or that something terrible will happen. So, teaching positive affirmations for toddlers at bedtime can help ease those worries.

14. My family and friends love me. Your toddler needs to remember that everyone loves them and will be there when the morning comes. It can help ease the anxiety of going to bed.

15. I am grateful. Teaching gratitude at a young age makes it easier to unwind and go to sleep. When your child is happy, they are more likely to relax.

16. I am relaxed. Going to bed uptight and worried doesn’t lend itself to a good night’s sleep. But, if your toddler can trick their mind into thinking they are relaxed, it’s easier to go to sleep.

17. I sleep well and wake up rested. Again, tracking your toddler’s brain into thinking it sleeps well and wakes up rested increases the chance of it actually happening.

18. Tomorrow brings a fresh start. There’s nothing more peaceful than realizing tomorrow is a new start, even for someone who is only 2 or 3 years old.

19. I will conquer my fears. This positive affirmation helps toddlers realize they can do hard things. This is a tough topic for anyone, so starting this early in life does your child many favors.

20. I am blessed. It’s always important to recognize how blessed you are before going to bed. Toddlers can tell themselves they are blessed and even name the good things in their lives to help them relax, too.

Affirmations for toddlers who have anxiety

Anxiety can be an absolute beast. It can make your toddler think they aren’t good enough or can’t do anything, but these positive affirmations for toddlers will help ease their minds.

21. I can do anything I put my mind to. Toddlers need reassurance that they can do anything, and who better to reassure them than themselves?

22. Everything will be okay. Tricking your mind into thinking everything will be okay makes it easier to weather storms, even if those storms are that someone else took your favorite toy.

23. I am capable. If you want to bring up strong kids who try anything, help your child learn the affirmation, ‘I am capable.’ For example, it will allow them to grow up believing in themself and trying even hard things.

24. I am proud of myself. It's essential to teach your child that no matter what happens, they should always be proud of themselves.

25. I am calm and relaxed. When anxiety gets the best of them, it’s important to say, ‘I am calm and relaxed.’ This is one of those times that you can trick the brain into thinking the absolute best.

26. I am safe. Anxiety can lie to your toddler and make them feel unsafe. Therefore, getting your toddler to say that they are safe is vital to help them battle anxiety.

27. I choose to be positive. No matter what life throws your toddler’s way—today or ten years from now—teaching them to be positive is essential.

28. I refuse to quit. Resilience is the key to success. When your child commits to not quitting, it’s easier for them to stick to goals in life. 

Affirmations for toddlers who are potty training

Potty training can be tough on both the parents and the toddler. Everyone wants the same outcome, but it comes at different times. Positive affirmations for toddlers can make it easier for everyone.

29. It’s okay to make mistakes. Toddlers need to know that mistakes are okay. If they tell themselves this at a young age, it gets a lot easier when the mistakes get higher.

30. I can do it. It can feel like they can’t do anything when they have accident after accident. Positive affirmations help your child prove they can do hard things.

31. It’s enough to do my best. This affirmation helps toddlers realize whatever they are doing is their best, so they don’t need to compare themselves to others.

32. Nothing can stop me. When a toddler tells themself that no obstacles will get in the way, they are much more likely to achieve big things.

33. I am in a safe place. Life can feel confusing when a toddler suddenly has to ditch the diapers. Telling themselves they are in a safe place helps calm them down, and they realize they can do it.

34. I am surrounded by care. If your toddler tells themself everyone around him/her loves them, they are able to push through and do hard things.

35. I am healthy. Potty training is a scary time. Toddlers can think something is wrong with them when they can’t get it right. Telling themselves they are healthy is important.

36. Everything I need is around me. During times of uncertainty, it helps your child to understand that they are not alone.

Affirmations for toddlers to boost their confidence

Confidence is something your child will take with them all throughout life. It’s important to set the stage now when things are easier to learn.

37. I am funny. Who doesn’t love someone who is funny, right? Let your toddler tell themselves they are funny.

38. I am strong. Strength is needed to get through a lot in life, starting now. So, help your toddler realize just how strong they are.

39. I am generous. Generosity will get your toddler far in life. Let them start now with positive affirmations and tell themselves they are worth it.

40. I am smart. As toddlers learn new things, they can feel like they aren’t smart. Now is the time to help them trick their brain into thinking they are as smart as the smartest person in the world.

41. I am brave. Life is scary as a toddler. Help your child realize their level of braveness and that they can do hard things.

42. I love myself. Loving yourself is important, and toddlers can start even as young as age 2 telling themselves they love themselves.

43. I am happy. Happiness will carry your toddler through life, but they won’t always feel happy. This positive affirmation for toddlers can help them trick their minds into thinking they are.

44. I am creative. Creativity is the key to self-confidence. Help your child tell themself they are creative and have great ideas.

Teach your toddler how to have a positive mindset!

There’s no doubt that it’s tricky raising toddlers, but it’s a lot easier when you raise them to do hard things and talk to themselves nicely. Use these positive affirmations for toddlers in a positive way.

While playing, driving, or just having a chat. Don’t use them when your child is tired, hungry, upset, or angry, though because they will have less of an impact.

You can also teach your child healthy money habits with our completely free course. Also, check out our list of key essentials for babies and toddlers to help you get through any scenario!

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