How To Create a Billion Dollar Morning Routine

Billion dollar morning routine

Becoming a millionaire is part of the American dream. But what about billionaire status? It may seem like a far-fetched idea, but if having a 10-figure net worth is one of your goals, there are ways to make it happen. And one way to speed up the process is with a billion dollar morning routine.

So what is this magical morning routine of billionaires I speak of? Let’s talk about that.

What is a billionaire morning routine?

A billion dollar morning routine is a list of activities you do when you first wake up. These activities are centered around self-love and self-care. They’re designed to wake up your mind and prime you to go after everything you want to accomplish that day.

As the name implies, a billion dollar morning routine is inspired by what billionaires actually do. But it doesn’t include any outlandish bits like eating one meal a day, taking ice-cold showers, or waking up at 3 a.m.

A billionaire morning routine is perfect for any woman looking to lead a more fulfilling, inspired, and value-aligned life. So, whether you aspire to make billions or simply want to pay off your credit card debt and make life easier for yourself, you should give it a try!

The billionaire morning routine list

There are so many daily routines out there. (We even have one on creating a millionaire morning routine!) They're all rooted in setting intentions for the day, but the billionaire morning routine list looks a bit like this:

1. Practice good sleep hygiene

First things first, it’s important to prioritize a good night’s sleep. I know this can be difficult if you have a long commute or have littles running around the house. However, research suggests that when you get at least seven hours of sleep, it reduces your stress and primes your mind to work toward your goals.

The CDC gives these recommendations for practicing good sleep hygiene:

Be consistent with your sleep schedule

Go to bed around the same time each night and wake up around the same time each morning. You can either set an alarm or do what Oprah does and wake up mindfully when your body’s ready. (A girl can dream, right?!) If your schedule allows, experiment with both and see which works best for you.

Make sure your room is quiet and dark

Think hotel-level black-out curtains and quietness. Play some white noise, bump down the AC, or turn on a fan if you need it. It's time to get some zen-like Zzzs.

Avoid electronics the last 30 minutes before bedtime

Get into the habit of putting your phone away about a half-hour before bed. Use this time to read that book on your nightstand, wash your face, lay out tomorrow’s outfit, or make a to-do list for the next day.

2. Avoid checking your phone first thing in the morning

Okay, be honest with me. What’s the first thing you do when you open your eyelids in the morning? For 80% of people, it’s checking your cell phone.

This little act of scrolling your phone may seem harmless, but it can actually do more harm than you think. Research shows that seeing something negative — whether it’s a text, a news headline, or an urgent email — can ignite your stress response and prime your brain for distraction the rest of the day.

So, for your billion dollar morning routine, fight the temptation to catch up on emails, social media, or news when you first wake up. Leave your phone on the nightstand until you’re ready to start your day.

3. Chug 8 ounces of water

Dehydration lowers your mental performance, so getting a full glass of water in first thing in the morning can help wake up your body and keep you alert and focused throughout the day. Coffee is also a diuretic, so chugging that eight ounces of water can help replenish fluids lost by your morning cup of joe.

4. Meditate and reflect

Every morning routine of billionaires has one thing in common — time dedicated to meditating and reflecting. It may seem a little froufrou, but it really does help you get into a mental state of calmness where you can redirect your thoughts toward the day.

Some of my favorite ways to meditate and reflect are to:

So give some of these ideas a try to include some mindfulness into your mornings.

5. Read a good book for 30 minutes

Starting your day off by learning something new is an essential part of a billion dollar morning routine. It helps you tune into your goals and feel inspired to tackle what lies ahead.

So, for this reason, try reading one chapter of a self-development book each morning. (If you feel crunched for time, you can limit it to 10 pages.)

I recommend choosing a topic that interests you right now. If you’re learning to invest for the first time, it could be Clever Girl Finance: Learn How Investing Works, Grow Your Money.

If you’re trying to overcome your money mindset, it may be You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero.

For those looking to increase their income, it could be Clever Girl Finance: The Side Hustle Guide.

6. Set your priorities for the day

The next step on our billionaire morning routine list is to create a to-do list of two or three main things you absolutely have to get done today. These are your top priorities. Then, create a smaller list of everything else that’s important but not urgent.

Once you begin your day, complete each priority without interruption. If you have extra time, you can tackle some of the smaller items.

Research shows that you lose up to 40% of your productive time when you jump from task to task. So, list your main priorities for the day and stay focused on those first.

7. Exercise

Making time to move your body in the morning has some MAJOR benefits. I’m talking about reduced anxiety and depression, less stress, better sleep, more focus and attention, and the list goes on.

You don’t have to do anything crazy like joining a CrossFit gym (unless that’s your jam), but your daily exercise routine could consist of:

  • Practicing some yoga
  • Dancing around your house
  • Doing some strength exercises
  • Taking a fitness class
  • Walking around the neighborhood
  • Gardening
  • Riding your bike

If your mornings are too packed, try squeezing in a 30-minute workout in the evenings. You could also consider an online trainer to keep you motivated!

Start your day now that you’ve finished your morning routine of billionaires!

Whew, those were a lot of steps. Now that you’ve completed your billion dollar morning routine, you’re ready to start your day with immense clarity and focus! Go tackle that to-do list and reach those goals.

If you’re feeling extra competitive, take this billion dollar morning routine and turn it into a one-week or 30-day challenge. Track your mood and productivity throughout the challenge to see how you feel afterward.

Don’t have time for every item on this billion dollar routine list? That’s okay!

This billionaire morning routine list isn’t an all-or-nothing situation. Feel free to mix and match items on this list if you don’t have the time or desire to do them all.

Maybe you chug water and exercise one day, then journal, meditate, and read the next. Perhaps a weekend routine could help too. See which combination of activities work best for your schedule and mood. Even cooperating one or two can make a big impact on how you feel the rest of the day.

Why you should try the billion dollar morning routine — even if you don't aspire to make billions

I am no billionaire, but I’ve been following many aspects of a morning routine of billionaires for over six months now (i.e. waking up early, drinking a glass of water, journaling, and reading).

And I can tell you it’s made a HUGE difference in my mental health. I feel calmer, more focused on my work, more grounded, and more inspired as I move throughout the day.

At its core, this is what a billionaire morning routine is all about: making time to set intentions for the day and reflect on things you want to accomplish. So, no matter what your goals are, I promise you can benefit from putting this billion dollar morning routine into practice.

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