19 Luxury Items Every Woman Should Own!

Luxury items every woman should own

Got your eye on that beautiful Prada bag or pair of Louboutin shoes? While we don't consider luxury items as investment pieces, they can be great wardrobe investments! Basically, if the right pieces are purchased, these items can last you years and still be stylish. Here you'll find the 19 luxury items every woman should own.

These items were chosen for their timelessness and functionality, in addition to being stylish. You will however need to decide on your own which items are worth it for you but we think all of the following are useful and will take your wardrobe to the next level.

Especially if you set the right fashion goals first. But before we dive into our must-have items, let's get into what luxury items can do for your lifestyle.

What luxury items can do for your wardrobe

So, what is the definition of luxury and how can it improve your wardrobe? Michelle Sternbauer of THAT Agency explains that luxury has to do with style, quality, cost, how hard the item is to find, and how good the customer service is, among other things. Here are a couple of ways luxury items can improve your wardrobe:

They make your wardrobe classy and timeless

There are some things that adding luxury items to your wardrobe can do. For starters, they can improve your outfits and make them more classy. Just one designer piece can make a basic tee and jeans look amazing. And even though there may be a higher cost upfront, you can actually save money over time.

Adding in luxury items can help you create a timeless look for your clothing. Because luxury pieces add class, using one or two of them can really elevate the entire outfit. When you mix luxury items with everyday clothing, you create a completely unique style that says a lot about who you are.

Increase the quality of what you own and save money over time

When you add in a luxury handbag or a great pair of shoes, you are increasing the quality of your outfit. You are also making your wardrobe quality better as you upgrade. In addition to this, buying luxury saves money.

How? Because one well-made designer handbag or a high-quality jacket can last much longer, which gives you more cost per wear.

Yes, it will cost more when you first buy it, but you won't need to replace it as often. That means that as you gather luxury items, you can use the money you would have saved for replacing them on something else, like saving for your retirement.

Top 19 luxury items every woman should own

Are you ready to upgrade your lifestyle a bit? Here are the top luxury items every woman should have! Keep in mind it's not all about buying expensive things!

1. Little black dress (One of the all-time classic luxury items every woman should have)

Ever since the days of Coco Chanel, the little black dress has been a staple of women's wardrobes. Why? Because it's a classic item that pretty much goes with everything and can be worn for any occasion. The little black dress can serve as the perfect thing for the last-minute cocktail party or for a night on the town.

Because these are so popular, it's pretty easy to find a designer dress that will be perfect. To save yourself some money and still look great, check Poshmark or The RealReal. They sell good quality second-hand items. You could spend hundreds or thousands on this dress, depending on your budget.

2. Everyday handbag

This is the bag you can take with you to the grocery store or out for dinner. It goes anywhere and everywhere while always helping you to look chic. The everyday bag is one of the luxury items every woman should have. You'll want something larger than an evening bag but smaller than a backpack.

A tote or a crossbody bag is the perfect solution. To find a well-made bag, you need to research how it's made and the materials. Check on the stitching, the leather, the buckles, and so on.

The more time you spend finding quality items, the longer they'll last. You'll also want a neutral color like black or taupe that goes with everything. You should expect costs up to a few thousand depending on the designer.

Top-tier bags a girl can dream about include the Hermes Birkin, the Hermes Kelly, the Lady Dior, the Goyard tote, etc. That said, there are several other mid-range and incredible designer options out there.

3. Special occasion purse

This is the evening clutch or fancier small purse that you will use for events like weddings or parties. You can go for a neutral color if you want, but it might also be fun to find something in a hue that pops, like bright red or royal blue.

Some of the most popular luxury evening bags include the Lady Dior, and the Chanel classic flap. However, there are several more affordable brands out there. Take your time finding this purchase. It's a statement piece, and a good one will last a long time.

4. A great trench coat or overcoat

A good trench coat or overcoat is an excellent staple for your winter and fall wardrobe. A good jacket can take a simple ensemble and make it look elegant. It's one of the most essential luxury items every woman should own.

Some styles fall below the knee, knee-length, or mid-thigh. Your preference will help you decide on the length. Look for materials like wool, leather, or waterproof. Choose depending on the location you live in and how much time you spend outdoors.

5. A good pair of heels

A gorgeous pair of heels is one of the luxury items every woman should have. There's nothing like a pair of heels that you can wear with jeans, a dress, or to the office. Don't choose stilettos for this unless you're very comfortable walking in them.

Instead, go for a design between 1 and 3 inches that will be easy to wear all day. A neutral color like black or tan will go with everything, too. Everlane makes excellent and comfortable heels if you want good quality but a budget-friendly option.

On the more expensive side, there are always the Chanel slingbacks. These are a wardrobe staple you'll keep forever, but they're a bit pricey.

6. A pair of sensible flats

Flats are elegant and make it easy to walk everywhere. Parisians are known for their love of ballet flats, and they are all about fashion, so you know it's a good investment. It's worth spending more on this item because comfort is key.

For brands, Gucci is pretty trendy, but there are lots of other options. Make sure that these shoes will wear well over time and that you can walk a few miles in them without your feet hurting. Designer brands are nice but don't sacrifice comfort.

7. Tailored, high-quality jeans

The right pair of jeans can change your whole day. Before you find some that work well for you, there could be some trial and error. First, decide on a brand that you like. Make sure you like the style and pick one that looks good on you. Jean styles include skinny, straight leg, bootcut, wide leg, and others.

After you choose the designer and style, take your jeans to get tailored. Tailoring your jeans always makes them look great and will make them unique. Great jeans are one of the luxury items every woman should own.

8. Good skin cleanser

Your skin is definitely something to invest in. Keeping it clean and clear is very important, and the better you take care of it, the better it will serve you in the years to come. That's why buying a good brand is important.

Not all skincare products work equally well. But some great skin cleansers to start with include Burt Bees, Origins, and Fresh Beauty, and there are many others. We also break down how to start a minimalist skincare routine.

9. Quality anti-aging moisturizer

This is super important to help your skin continue to look young and fresh for many years. Lancome is a great luxury brand to start with, and there are plenty more you can check out, too. Take your time to find the right one.

10. Signature perfume

Having a signature perfume can help you to feel put together no matter what. It helps to create your unique style, and there are a lot of brands to choose from. Nearly every brand has a fragrance now, including Dior, Lancome, Cartier, and Calvin Klein.

Try ordering samples or stopping by the store to try some out before you commit to buying an expensive bottle. But the good part is fragrances last quite a while. You won't need to rebuy for some time.

11. A timeless piece of jewelry

This could be a necklace, a bracelet, or a pair of earrings. Luxury jewelry is not known for being inexpensive, so this could require some savings. But a great piece of jewelry can be worn forever and even passed on as an heirloom. Some excellent materials are pearl, diamond, gold, or silver, but there are others, as well.

Since jewelry is an accessory, it's important to personalize it as much as possible. Go for a unique design, a beautiful gem, or whatever else expresses your personality. Jewelry is one of the top luxury items every woman should have in their wardrobe!

12. Designer sunglasses

These are fun accessories and a great thing to have for all occasions. A good pair of designer sunglasses will last you a very long time, as long as you take good care of them. They're one of the luxury items every woman should own.

Go for a pair that have personality and work well for your style. Fun but neutral enough to go with every outfit since you'll probably be wearing them often.

13. Good sneakers or running shoes

This is essential if you're a runner, but they're also great for hiking, traveling, or just walking around town. According to Jonathan Beverly of Runner's World, you should look for shoes with sturdy but comfortable cushioning and an ankle collar that doesn't allow your heel to slide too much, among other things.

14. Classic blazer

A classic blazer is among the luxury items every woman should own. Linen is a good choice for fabric in warmer months, and colder weather might call for wool. You want to choose an item that is appropriately fitted and possibly tailored.

A great blazer can be worn with jeans, a dress, or as part of a suit. Some great luxury options include Ralph Lauren blazers for a structured look or Givenchy for something more high-end.

15. A classic watch (A great long term luxury item every woman should have)

This is a timeless item you can wear with pretty much any outfit. It adds a touch of class and is practical as well as fashionable. A great watch will be neutral enough to go with everything but fashionable enough to make a statement. Try rose gold, black, or white for the color.

Swarovski is a good luxury option at an affordable price, and Bulgari is a well-known brand for luxury watches. Start with one of these brands, and you can't go wrong.

16. Cashmere sweater

A great cashmere sweater or two can really elevate your wardrobe. But you must find the right one. Not all cashmere is the same. Codogirl's Yulia Omelich says that the best cashmere is the thinnest, which is Grade A cashmere.

When looking for a cashmere sweater, be sure to do a lot of research and find out what type of grade it is. High quality means long-lasting, and cashmere is definitely a luxury.

17. Scarf

A lovely scarf of silk or cashmere is an excellent staple for your closet. This accessory can really transform what you're wearing because it has so many uses. It's the thing that can take your outfit from basic to stylish.

Plus, a unique pattern can really bring some creativity to your clothes and elevate your look. Check out our ideas on how to wear a Hermes scarf!

18. Suitcase

An excellent solid suitcase is great for weekend getaways, long vacations, and business trips. Louis Vuitton makes some amazing suitcases that are perfect luxury items that every woman should have. There are many options, though. When looking for a luxury suitcase, look for durability, quality, and brand.

19. Emergency fund

The last of the luxury items every woman should own is an emergency fund. Having a healthy amount of savings will protect you from anything unexpected, like home repairs or a car malfunctioning. Without it, your budget could be in trouble, and you may find yourself in debt. 

You can save up your emergency fund a little at a time until you have an amount that you feel comfortable with, ideally at least a few month's worth of expenses. Then no matter what, you'll be prepared.

Why having luxury items makes sense

Luxury items are not the same as fast fashion. They take time to find, and once you find something you like, it may cost quite a bit. But because luxury items can last for many years or even a lifetime, saving up for them is a good wardrobe investment.

While they take time to purchase, they can upgrade any look and are worth it. However, it's important that you save for these items and avoid going into debt for them.

How to save for those luxury items every woman should own

After you decide on a luxury item you want to buy, you'll need to save up for it. This could take a few months or even a year, depending on the expense. However, don't make it your only goal. Although it is worth it to buy a luxury item, don't make it your only financial goal. Don't forget to contribute to savings and investments too.

Also, keep your options open. Even after you've made a choice about which luxury item to buy, you should still be open to other luxury items that might catch your eye as you save. It's okay to change your mind and buy something in a different style. Now that being said, here are some tips for how to save:

Save money from each paycheck

You might save up slowly by setting aside a bit of money from each paycheck until you have what you need. It won't feel like as much money that way. You can decide when you want to buy the item and divide that by the cost.

For example, if you're going to buy a pair of high heels that cost $500 in 3 months, you need to save about $166 a month. Or about $83 from each paycheck if you are paid bi-weekly. It's all about deciding what you want and then making your goals accessible.

Increase your income

You can work extra hours to afford these luxury purchases. Try adding on some hours at work or start a side hustle. When you are bringing in more income that can specifically be marked for luxury items, you'll be able to buy things faster.

Look out for ways to make extra cash, like selling things around your house or starting a small business as a virtual assistant. You can find something that is part of your full-time job or has flexible hours so you can keep up with it while working.

There are plenty of ways to use your talents to increase your income, and it's really motivating if all the extra money goes towards something you truly want.

Cut your expenses

If you want to buy a luxury item but simply cannot afford it with your current budget, you can cut your expenses. You might decide to give up eating out for a few months and save that money.

Or maybe there are other ways you can cut back, like getting rid of cable or making coffee at home. Be creative and know that it's temporary until you reach your goals.

Treat yourself to some luxury items every woman should own

These are the top luxury items that every woman should own! When you add these rare pieces to your wardrobe, they can be beautiful accents that make any outfit look more expensive and sophisticated.

Taking the time to save up for these additions to your closet is totally worth it and will help you create your signature style. Whether you love a statement or simple wardrobe!

If you buy high-end designer bags, it might be worth insuring your handbags too.

Get started saving for your most desired items with our completely free savings challenge bundle! Also, be sure to follow Clever Girl Finance on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for top financial tips and motivation to reach your money goals!

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