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50 Money Affirmations That Work Fast To Change Your Mindset

Money affirmations that work fast

With so many messages bombarding us from every direction, it can be tough to stick to our goals. But when you can focus your mind on the things that matter most, it makes all the difference. That’s why money affirmations that work fast can be so powerful.

Money affirmations that you repeat to yourself on a regular basis can help you to make better financial decisions. In addition, money affirmations can work fast to help you change your mindset—it doesn’t have to take years of practice to see a difference!

What are money affirmations?

Most of us are familiar with affirmations in some format. Affirmations in general are simply positive statements that can help you change your life. So by focusing on positivity and goals, you can form a healthier mindset.

You can use different types of these statements—relational affirmations, career affirmations, health affirmations, and of course, money affirmations. Positive affirmations for students, for young children, and for just about anyone can make a difference.

Money affirmations are brief statements that you can claim for yourself about how you want to relate to money. State them aloud or on paper and repeat them often to start believing that they are true.

How to use money affirmations

Using money affirmations or mantras lets you see just how influential your thoughts are in guiding your actions. Besides, it’s easier to achieve your goals if you speak to and about yourself in positive ways. So here’s how it works.

Use positivity to counteract negative messages

First of all, your money affirmations that work fast must be spoken in a positive manner. In other words, focus your phrasing so that it’s an affirmative or positive sentence. These can help you fight against the negative money affirmations you might hear from other people or sources.

Good affirmation: I create new money-earning opportunities every day. 

Not-so-good affirmation: I don’t spend money I don’t have.

So your best money affirmations that work instantly are those that state a positive truth about you and your money. They don’t have to be true right now, but you need to state them as though they are.

Since many people are in the habit of negative self-talk, it’s key to use positive language about ourselves regularly to counteract that. Positive affirmations can set you up for greatness by getting you away from toxic messages like “I’m bad with money” or “I’ll never afford that.”

Watch out for negative affirmations that create self-doubt. For example, these are phrases like:

Saving money never gets me anywhere.

I'm not lucky with money.

Only rich people can do that.

You might be in the habit of stating these negative comments to yourself because someone in your life said them to you first.

Aim to stop listening to those other voices, whether a parent, a significant other, a sibling or anyone else who makes you feel bad about yourself and your money.

State affirmations as though they are part of your life currently

If you want money affirmations that work fast, one way to trick your mind is by stating affirmations in the present tense. For example, you’re stating things about your money mindset that are happening at the moment, not next week or next year.

In any case, using the present tense for all your financial affirmations helps you to believe that what you’re saying is true.

So the more you embrace it as reality and not just a dream, the more likely you are to follow through on the actions within those affirmations.

Allow your mind to accept these ideas as fact

Now, be sure that as you’re writing or repeating your money affirmations, you phrase them as facts. This relates to using the present tense and being positive but takes it a step further.

Example: I am good with money.

This phrase frames the concept as something that is absolutely true, which helps you think of it that way, as well.

It’s so simple, isn’t it? So many of us tell ourselves limiting or negative things about our abilities with money. But you can use money affirmations that work fast to help you reframe the way you see yourself.

These affirmations by themselves don’t actually shift your finances. What they do is change your mindset so that you gain confidence to start that side hustle, pay off that debt, or ask for a raise.

By making good money affirmations a part of your thinking, you can literally change your life.

How can money affirmations change your mindset?

Many books have been written that explore how you can change your mindset, and positive affirmations are one tactic to accomplish this. If you grew up with harmful money attitudes due to your family’s beliefs or circumstances, now’s the time to change your mindset.

Money affirmations don’t automatically bring money into your life. They’re not a magic bullet. However, don’t underestimate how powerful they can be in changing how you think.

So the more you listen to limiting beliefs like “you’re not good enough” or “you’re bad with money,” the more you believe them.

On the other hand, if you program your mind to believe you’re capable of success with money and deserve money, repetition of those affirmations will eventually help you to believe them.

I’m reminded of the ratio you might have heard of, which states that for every negative interaction, you need to have 5 positive interactions to balance it out. It’s from research done by Dr. Gottman in the 1970s on marriages, but you can imagine how it applies to other areas.

If that research is even partly right, it would indicate that for every negative money thought you’ve had, you need to combat it with at least five positive money thoughts.

So the more you focus your mind on money affirmations, the more you’ll trust yourself and make great money results happen.

List of 50 money affirmations that work fast!

Now that the concept of money affirmations is fairly clear, here’s a list of 50 money affirmations that work instantly to start reshaping your money mindset.

Money affirmations for a better financial mindset

How you think about money is crucial to how you spend, save, and give money. Your money mindset, though it’s been shaped all your life, can be improved fast, starting with good money affirmations which are key elements of positive change.

1. I strive for progress, not perfection.

2. My intuition about money guides me to good things.

3. I am good with money.

4. My money skills are always growing.

5. I set SMART mid-term goals.

6. My past money mistakes led me to my abundant present life.

7. I spend money in alignment with my values.

8. Wise credit card use benefits me.

9. I am achieving my financial goals.

10. I embrace challenges that help me grow.

Money affirmations for gratitude

Gratitude on its own is a powerful tool that has so many benefits, such as better health and increased happiness.

Money affirmations that work instantly include those that promote gratitude. So being grateful for what is true right now can be very helpful.

Accordingly, here are some financial affirmations centered on gratitude.

11. I love my financial position right now.

12. My attitude of mindfulness helps me to appreciate what I have.

13. I’m thankful that I’m current on all of my bills.

14. Abundance enables me to share with those in need.

15. My wealth extends beyond money.

16. I give to others so that I can appreciate the gifts given to me.

17. My children appreciate the financial security I provide for them.

18. Spending decisions are mine to make.

19. Living on less makes my life better.

20. I release what I cannot control.

Money affirmations for accomplishing your savings goals

Most of us desire to save more money. This isn’t always easy, but believing you can do it is the first step. In addition, reminding yourself of why you want to save money through these mantras can keep you focused on those goals.

Many of these are money affirmations that work instantly to change your behavior. When adopting a habit, such as a 48-hour waiting period, making a money affirmation for it can help, as you'll read below.

21. I have more than enough income to save for my future.

22. Paying myself first is a priority.

23. Saving money now is how I bless my future self.

24. I choose to save half my income.

25. Saving is an act of abundance, not of scarcity.

26. My high savings rate is a fun way that I challenge myself.

27. Frugality is a joyful choice.

28. Discipline is my freedom. (That’s the “Upholder” motto from Gretchen Rubin’s The Four Tendencies framework.)

29. I wait 48 hours before purchasing.

30. Following a budget gives me what I want.

Money affirmations to attract wealth

Many people struggle with the idea of building wealth. Likewise, maybe we have a poor money mindset that told us wealth was evil or selfish, or that we didn’t deserve to be wealthy.

So use these money affirmations that work to change your mindset on wealth-building. You can attract money into your life as a result!

Remember that it takes time to build significant wealth, even with money affirmations that work fast. So the daily decisions added up over months and years will lead to a brighter financial future.

31. Financial podcasts and books teach me strategies to grow my wealth.

32. My work today is building generational wealth.

33. Wise investments are building my wealth even today.

34. I deserve to be wealthy.

35. Seeking wealth is an unselfish act.

36. Taking risks opens up new opportunities.

37. Compound interest works in my favor.

38. My earning potential is limitless.

39. I am confident.

40. I can see income opportunities everywhere.

Money affirmations for specific goals

These are a few potential examples of financial goals and how to structure your money affirmations around them. Of course, you should tailor them to your own goals and dreams.

41. I am a successful entrepreneur.

42. My kids are growing to be responsible with money.

43. I’m turning 10K into 100K.

44. The business I’m starting is already successful.

45. I surround myself with goal-oriented people.

46. I am on track to retire early.

47. My choices are making me a millionaire.

48. Passive real estate investing is an effective part of my money strategy.

49. Smart money management gives me lifestyle freedom.

50. I can do this!

How to practice money affirmations

Once you’ve settled on your top money affirmations (you might pick two or three to emphasize), put them into practice. Because money affirmations that work fast have to be used constantly.

Repeating them to yourself, saying them aloud, and sharing them publicly will cement them in your mind.

Say them daily

Firstly, be sure to put these affirmations on “repeat” every day, even multiple times per day. You can start the habit of saying these mantras first thing in the morning and just before you go to sleep.

You might pair your money affirmations with specific actions. For example, whenever you go to a store or an online shopping site, repeat your money affirmation such as “Frugality is a joyful choice.”

Create a visual

Another strategy to help you practice money affirmations that work fast: create a visual aid.

Many of us respond better to visual cues than verbal ones. You can find a photo or graphic illustration that pairs well with your affirmation, then display it where you’ll see it often.

Visual reminders of your affirmations can simply be written in a nice font or with images. Place them somewhere prominent, such as above your desk or on your bathroom mirror.

Use positive thinking apps

In addition to old-fashioned ways of recording your money affirmations, you can use positive thinking apps. These may give you reminders of your mantras at specific times or reminders to say them to yourself.

ThinkUp is one happiness app that might help. You can find affirmations they provide or personalize it with your own selected money affirmations. Additionally, the basic version is free and can help you develop a daily affirmation practice.

Plenty of other apps also provide guidance for developing and using affirmations. You might use affirmations not only to improve your relationship with money but in other areas too!

Leverage these money affirmations that work, to change your life!

Money affirmations can play a part in manifesting the life you want and the life you deserve. Though not magical, they can work fast to change your thoughts and therefore, your life.

Try these financial affirmations to rewire your mind to be more confident and motivated. As a result, you'll take charge of your money by starting with strategically positive thoughts.

In addition, work to improve other aspects of your life by reading our articles about mental health and morning affirmations!

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